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School meals are no longer free for students unless they qualify, please submit an application today.

We encourage all of our families to complete a meal application as soon as they are
available. Even if your child chooses to bring their own lunch, filling out a meal
the application ensures that your child’s school receives all of the funding and benefits
available to support their school district. Some of the benefits that the school district can
receive are:

● Increase in educational funding
● Cash subsidies and donated commodities from the USDA
● Telecommunications and Internet Access Discount Programs for the community
● Title-I federal funds are provided to school districts for extra services for students
● Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Snack Programs

Important Links

Use the Warwick Nutrislice Page to learn about our menus, nutrition information for the food we serve, student dining programs, and other topics of interest. The Nutrislice page is accessible through each school website's main menu under the Dining tab. 

Meal Application English (printable)

Solicitud de comidas en español (printable)

How to fill out the School Meal Benefits

Cómo llenar la Solicitud de Beneficio de