Elementary Reopening to 4 Day In-Person Learning


The video below will walk you through the procedures that you can expect to find at our elementary schools for those students returning to 4 Days of In-Person Learning

Recruiting for Substitute and Temporary Positions



Day-to-Day, Long Term & Building Substitute Teachers Needed for the 2020-21 School Year

RIDE Certified Teacher Subs: $225/day, days 1-10; $250/day, days 11-135; Step, days 136+   

Bachelor’s Level Teacher Subs: $150/day, days 1-10; $175/day days 11-135; Step pay days 136+

Associate’s Level Teacher Subs: $125/day, days 1-30; $140/day, days 31-135; Step pay days 136+


Teacher Assistant Subs: $15/hr

To apply: Job Openings-Certified Vacancies-Current Openings – Apply Here 

Temporary Cleaners &  Building Aides: $15/hr

Temporary Lunch Aides/Cashiers: $15/hr 

Temporary Bus Monitors: $15/hr 

Recruiting substitutes for all positions!

 More info: donna.o’rourke@warwickschools.org

District News

State Inspection Reports

Walk-through inspections were conducted last Friday, September 4th, at all of the District’s 20 locations. The teams included representatives sent from the RI Department of Education and the RI Department of Health. A Warwick Public Schools Administrator accompanied...

Upcoming Events

Nothing from December 2, 2020 to January 2, 2021.

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