End of The 2023 School Year  

Superintendent’s Message

It is hard to believe that another year has come to an end.  We had many amazing accomplishments in Warwick Schools this year.  I want to thank students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents for working together to make all of these wonderful things happen.  I also would like to recognize our central administration team for their hard work and accomplishments as well.

We are proud to report that we have seen some strong academic growth this year in math and ELA in grades K-8.  Every school K-8 made at least 108% growth in reading and at least 100% in math.  Teachers, students, and administrators worked very hard to accelerate learning.

This year I am happy to report that our district, as well as a number of our schools, received grant money. 

  • The Innovation Learning Spaces Grant, which came from RIDE’s Equipment and Technology Grant, gave funding to schools to support the opportunity to provide 21st-century teaching and learning activities for students.  Each school, that received funding for this project, developed a space for innovative learning. These spaces are currently being built at the following schools: Robertson, Park, Cedar Hill, Norwood, Holliman, Warwick Veterans, Winman, Oakland Beach, and the Warwick Career and Technical Center. The district received $698,050 to create these new spaces.

  • RIDE also requested proposals for their Outdoor Learning Spaces Grants. There were seven schools in Warwick that submitted plans and all seven schools received funding to create Outdoor Learning Spaces.  I want to thank the principals and design teams at Wyman, Norwood, Oakland Beach, Robertson, Greenwood, and Cedar Hill. This initiative will show students that learning happens everywhere.  Students will have opportunities to experience learning beyond the four walls of a classroom.  Learning in an outdoor environment will encourage students to explore, wonder and experience inquiry-based learning.  The schools that are creating the outdoor learning spaces are Wyman, Robertson, Greenwood, Cedar Hill, Hoxsie, Norwood, and Oakland Beach.  Warwick received a grant of $700,000 to fund these projects.

  • The school district also received funding from RIDE’s WELL Grant. This grant provided districts with funding to support furniture that we could implement throughout the various Social and Emotional Support Classrooms throughout the district. The total amount received by the district is $150,000, and the furniture should be arriving throughout the summer. 

  • The school department received a Fire House Grant, which provided new AEDs, which will allow us to update the AEDs in need of replacement throughout the school district. 

I wish you a wonderful summer.  I look forward to many more positive things happening in the Warwick School Department during the 2023-2024 school year.


The curriculum team wishes everyone a happy and healthy summer as we wrap up the year!  Thank you for all of your hard work this year.

So far, the iReady and STAR diagnostics are showing massive improvement thanks to all of your efforts.  More information on how we did will be coming soon!

For next year, we will be focusing on Student Discourse as related to the Vision of a Graduate (skilled communicator). With this, we are asking teachers to conduct data chats with students next year.

For those familiar with iReady, the data chats include having goal-setting conferences with students.  This is important so that students understand where they are beginning with their diagnostic and where they want to be at the end of the year.  Having these discussions will help support having positive communication not only with students but with important adults in the students' lives.

Here is our SUMMER WORK sheet - please share K-12

Quick K-5 updates:

1.  We will be teaching all four modules of Wit and Wisdom next year based on educator feedback.  Please get as far into the four modules as you can next year.

2. One of the iReady characters will be visiting the elementary schools in the fall to celebrate student success and encourage growth with MyPath and the diagnostic!

Have a great summer!


Warwick Veterans Middle School

This is a busy time of year at Veterans Middle School.  We recently celebrated newly inducted members of the National Junior Honor Society and celebrated a number of special student accomplishments at our annual Honors Night event.  Student speakers, the Vets Band, and the Vets Chorus all did an outstanding job.  Much as they had a few weeks ago at a popular Jazz Club in Newport, on May 22nd, back in our auditorium, some of our student vocal soloists performed jazz and pop standards, backed by the Newport-based, professional, 19-piece, Swinglane Jazz Orchestra.   We recently also held the last of our new Principal-parent forums and our last PTSA meeting of this school year.  Finally, this year’s Memorial Day event was well received - with the Vets Chorus, once again, playing a prominent role in the event.

We held our annual 8th grade Social, Chalk Walk, and Field Days.  Many of our 6th and 7th-grade academic teams also capped off their school year with their own culminating team activities.  

Pilgrim High School

Pilgrim High School had a very successful graduation for the Class of 2023.  The senior class just celebrated their prom at Quidnessett Country Club and had an amazing night of eating, dancing, and taking pictures while all looked amazing.  At the end of May, the senior honors night was another successful event.  In total, more than $100,000 in scholarships were awarded and earned by our 2023 graduates.  The spring chorale concert was another event that did not disappoint as Mrs. Soares led our students as they filled the auditorium with their gifts of music.  Sidewalk chalk was another perfect day and the artistic talent came through easily.  We honored our Class of 2023 on June 13th and underclass exams were held on the 15th.  The last day of exams was June 21st with the 22nd as a designated make-up day.

Winman Middle School

Winman Middle School hosted a school dance on May 19 for all grade levels. On May 21, Winman hosted its first Color Run, which was organized by PTO board member, Nicole Martucci. 

The 8th Grade Social was held at Valley Country Club in West Warwick on June 16, 2023. 

NJHS Honors Night and Awards ceremony was held on May 16. The Jazz Band and Chorale shared their musical talents during the ceremony.    

Winman’s last day of school has been updated. The delayed start days have been waived by RIDE and Winman will end on time with the rest of the District on June 22, 2023. 

Please make sure that your information in Aspen is up-to-date for all summer/back-to-school communications. 

Toll Gate High School

June is a very busy month for everyone.  Our Boys Lacrosse team went to the semi-finals and represented our school with pride.  Many Senior activities took place such as movie night, a class trip, picnic, and prom.  Underclassmen prepared for exams and finished the year strong.  Although it may be hard to believe, we are getting ready for the upcoming school year with scheduling and calendar dates.  We wish everyone a great, relaxing, and restful summer.

Career and Tech Center

Students enrolled in the WACTC Engineering, Drafting, & Design program had a unique

opportunity to participate in a meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee.

The WACTC students that competed in the WindWin RI competition in April were asked

to participate in a special meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Energy on Friday, June 2nd at the Quonset Development Headquarters in Quonset Point. The purpose of the meeting was to show how Rhode Island’s initiative to generate interest and provide training through the WindWin competition, and integration of the STEM curriculum in high school and career center programs has influenced the student’s future education and employment plans, as well as show how Rhode Island is making sure that when the wind turbine industry brings their operations to the state, there will be a capable workforce ready to support their efforts.

The invitation came from the Director of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce,

Kristin Urbach, for the purpose of providing a student perspective on how the program has impacted their learning as engineers in training.

WACTC students, Trevor DiPanni, and Andrew Cahoon met with both Secretary

Granholm and Governor McKee to share their experience, wind turbine and generator designs, engineering notebooks, and project displays. Trevor and Andrew did an excellent job representing the Warwick Area Career & Technical Center, the Engineering program, and the WindWIn RI educational program.


From the Desk of Mrs. Cousineau    
Director of Elementary Education

The last bell has rung and we are on to Summer Vacation! It has been an amazing year of teaching and learning and we know that our students, teachers, and families worked together to make learning come alive.

With that being said, we also understand that summer is a time for relaxing with family and friends, however, research shows that if students take the entire summer “off” from reading and math, they will be behind in the Fall. Please see our Summer Learning Program document which will help guide you through the suggested My Path minutes/lessons passed as well as joining the Summer Reading Program at Warwick Public Library. Upon completion, this amazing library program will count for your summer reading for Warwick Schools. Our librarians will be notified of the students that complete the program at the end of the summer.

Lastly, please be sure to thank your teachers, principals, secretaries, and custodians for all they do for our students. As they say, “It takes a village” and we are so happy to be a part of that. Have a great summer, play hard, rest well, and we will see you in the Fall. 


Another year has come to a close, and it's time to reflect on the remarkable progress made within our Special Services department. As Co-Directors, we are proud to share the exciting changes that have taken place and express our optimism for the future.

Over the past year, we have dedicated ourselves to thoroughly assessing the needs of our department and setting clear priorities. This concerted effort has paved the way for substantial growth and improvement. We are thrilled to announce that three of our programs will expand, introducing additional classes to our Alternate Assessment Program, Social Emotional Support, Intensive Academic Support, and Supportive Academic programs. In addition, we will be interviewing for a new Assistant Director, an Occupational Therapist, and two Social Workers.  

This expansion reflects our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our students, but it also demonstrates our belief in the power of tailored education and support. By broadening the scope of our programs, we aim to provide even greater opportunities for students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

As we prepare for the upcoming year, we look forward to the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Our growing team, fueled by a shared vision, is poised to make an even greater impact on the lives of the students we serve. Together, we will strive to create an inclusive, nurturing environment that promotes growth, independence, and success for all.

As we transition into the summer break, we extend our warmest wishes for a relaxing and safe time to all community members. Take this opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate, knowing we will return with renewed energy and dedication to our mission.

Thank you for your ongoing support, collaboration, and commitment to the students in our Special Services department. Together, we will continue to make a difference in their lives and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

Wishing you a wonderful summer,
Jen Barber and David Aulenbach 
Co-directors of Special Services 


We initiated an Employee Recognition Program about a year ago which has been a big success!  Please join the WPS community in recognizing all of the Employee Spotlight winners!  We have so many talented and dedicated staff members to celebrate.  These recipients are nominated by their peers each month and chosen by lottery.   

Many thanks and congratulations to all past recipients.  We look forward to celebrating more talented and dedicated faculty and staff in the future!

Warwick Schools is actively recruiting for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please visit our Job Openings page on the district website to apply today!

On behalf of the entire Human Resources department, we wish all of our staff and students a great remainder of the year and a fun-filled, relaxing summer!


Tim McGrath, the district’s Finance Director, is moving on to Cumberland School District where he’ll lead the finance office. He’s been a tremendous help with the transition to our new Finance Director, Brandon Bohl, who started in May. Stephen Mulcahey, Accountant General Ledger, will also be moving on to the Cumberland School District, as its new Controller. We wish Tim and Steve much success in their new roles. The whole team is working hard to finalize the FY24 budget and the year-end audit.


The school year has officially ended, and we would like to share some important information. 

Chromebook Distribution - Students currently in grades K, 4, and 8 received a new Chromebook, which is part of our usual cycle. 

  • Students currently in grades K and 4  received their devices at their elementary school prior to the start of summer. 

  • Students currently in grade 8  will be receiving their device at the start of next school year, when they start in grade 9, from their high school.

In all cases, the schools will be sending a link to the Chromebook Agreement Form, which we ask everyone to complete so that a device can be issued. Additionally, for students currently in grades 4 and 8, we ask for their current device to be turned in prior to a new device being issued. 

Chromebook Repairs - In the event that a student's Chromebook is in need of repair, we will be offering three drop-off locations this summer. Repairs can be dropped off Monday through Friday between 9 am and 12 pm. Please see below for the location closest to you.

  • Students who attend Cedar Hill, Greenwood, Park, Robertson, Scott, Toll Gate High School, and Winman Middle School can drop off a device in need of repair at Toll Gate High School (Main Entrance).

  • Students who attend Lippitt, Oakland Beach, Sherman, Warwick Neck, and Veterans Memorial Middle School can drop off a device in need of repair at Veterans Memorial Middle School (Main Entrance).

  • Students who attend Hoxsie, Holliman, WELC, Norwood, Pilgrim High School, and Wyman can drop off a device in need of repair at Pilgrim High School (Main Entrance).

A repair form will be available at the drop-off locations where you can describe the problem and also provide a phone number for us to contact you once the repair is complete.



The Spring Sports season recently came to a close and many Warwick sports teams had success. 

At the high school level, there was much to be celebrated. The successful spring season was highlighted by the Pilgrim Boys Lacrosse Team that made it to the state finals for the 3 rd time in the last three years. Unfortunately, the team fell short and lost in the finals to Middletown. The team finished with a regular season record of 11-3.  There were several athletes that contributed to the team’s success. Leading the team's defense was Griffin Taylor. Griffin was honored as an Academic All – American and a first team All Division Player. The team's Midfield was led by Juniors Braxton Bragg and Ryan Barlow. Both players scored multiple goals each game. Bragg, an All American Candidate, broke the school record for most goals in a career and Barlow surpassed 100 career points. Both Bragg and Barlow were All Division Selections. Ethan Pezzullo was the team’s top player at the Attack Position. His scoring and overall play earned him a First Team All Division Selection. Pezzullo scored over 100 goals in his career at Pilgrim.  Lastly, All division selection Jacob Brennan did an excellent job in goal.

The Pilgrim Boys Lacrosse Team was not the only team to make a long playoff run. The Pilgrim Fast pitch Softball Team had an outstanding season. The team finished with a regular season record of 17-2. They are the 2023 Division One B League Champions and the team made it to the winner’s bracket finals. Leading the Lady patriots was two time Gatorade Player of the year Alyssa Twomey. Twomey was awarded player of the year again this season. Twomey had an ERA of 0.43, struck out 199 batters and recorded 17 wins during league play. Twomey is a first Team All-State selection. Genna D’amato was also a First Team All-state selection. The team’s starting catcher finished with a .500 plus batting average. Audra McDonnell was one of the state’s top home run hitters. She hit 5 on the season and was an All Division selection. Gillian Brown was the team’s top defensive player and also earned all division honors.

Several other high school sport teams had much to be proud about. 

The Toll Gate Boys Lacrosse Team finished with a regular season record of 11-5 and made it to the Division III State Semifinals. Nickolas Napolitano was named a 1 st Team All Division Defenseman and Chris Schifino was selected as an All Division Goalie. 

In Outdoor track, Toll Gate’s Ally Pankowicz had another outstanding season. The two time All State broke two school records at the RIIL State Championship Meet. She set school records in the 1500 M and 3000 m runs. Freshman Vanessa Jones had an outstanding track season. She finished 1st in the Freshman State competition in the Discus throw. She set a Freshman school record with a throw of 105 ft. She also finished third in the Javelin competition, sixth in the Hammer and seventh in the shot put. Freshman Kevin Barker qualified for the state meet in the high jump and triple jump. He finished 2nd in both events at the Freshman Championships. Jake Anderson finished fourth in the High Jump and Sean Anderson and Jack Larrivee both did well in the hammer and javelin.

At Pilgrim High School, Dasani Stewart continued her success by earning All-State Honors in two events: The Triple Jump and the long Jump. Keaney Bayha placed in the 800 m event at the state meet.

In Boys Track, the Pilgrim Team had top three performances at the Division and Class Championships. The team was particularly successful in the Relay’s, Throws and Jumps. Hunter Schobel anchored the Patriot’s success Finishing 4 th in both the long jump and triple Jump. He was also part of the 4x100 relay team that placed at states. Brandon Wolfenden took fifth place in the shot put. Cole Menning won the Freshman State championship in the shot put competition.

In Golf, Ryan Dacey earned All-state Honors by finishing second in stroke average and had success at the state tournament. Pilgrim Richie Cavanagh helped the Pilgrim team to an eight place finish at the state tournament.

Congrats to Pilgrim Girls Lacrosse Coach Jess McCaughey for being the Division II Coach of the Year!

Warwick Middle School Spring Sports also had notable accomplishments.

The Warwick Vets Girls Fast Pitch Softball Team went undefeated in league play with a 9-0-2 record. They were defeated by Feinstein Middle school in the Playoffs. Lily Sheehan was dominant on the pitcher’s mound and Maddie Tuirok and Skylar Hawes both had outstanding seasons at the plate.

In MS Track and Field news, several Warwick athletes did well at the Middle School State Meet. Warwick Vets Ryan Enos led the way with a first place finish in the long jump and finished 3 rd in the 400 Meter Run. In the Girls Discuss competition Warwick Vets Breanna Hall finished 2 nd and Winman’s Anna Milner Finished sixth . Kingston Bayha (Warwick Vets) finished second in the 1500 Meter Run. Christian Snead (Warwick Vets) finished fourth in the discus and Warwick Vets Steven DiRuzzo finished fourth in the Boys Javelin competition. 

The Warwick Vets Tennis Team finished their season with an overall record of 6-3. At the end of the Year, Warwick Vets Coach Matt Morris held a fun exhibition Tennis Tournament. There were 64 participants. In the tourney finals,  Student Cornelius Zmed and Teacher Mrs. Taylor defeated Student CJ Jardin and Mr. McElroy to win the tourney championship. 

Looking Ahead, The Fall Sport season officially begins on August 14, 2023 for the High School Football Teams. All other High School Sports begin on August 21, 2023. Middle School Sports begin on August 28th.  

Fall Sport registration will open sometime in early July. If there are any questions on registrations, contact the Athletic Office: 734-3085. Please remember that all athletes must be registered by their parents and all paperwork needs to be submitted prior to starting any sport. Please don’t wait until the first day of sports to complete these requirements. Fall Tryout and practice information will be posted on the WPS Athletic page as coaches submit their plan.

Have a great summer and be safe! See you all in the Fall!