2023 Secondary Summer School (Grades 9-12)

July 5 - August 4
Principal: Tim Kane timothy.kane@warwickschools.org
Location: Pilgrim High School
111 Pilgrim Pkwy Warwick, RI 02888
(In-Person or Virtual option)

Summer School Hours: M-F 7:30 am -11:45 am
(*Each course requires approx. 1.5 hrs. daily in order to complete.)
Seniors ONLY (Virtual): You can pre-register now and we will begin virtually on 6/16 using
Edgenuity so that you can finish early. Watch your email daily after registering for further
info. including login info. 

Registration for grades 9-11 begins 6/25 through 7/4.
(Must use student “Warwick Schools” emails to register)
High School Registration Link: Registration link

● Warwick Public Schools will be offering Edgenuity, an online blended learning
curriculum for summer school. Students will complete approximately 30 hours of
online Edgenuity coursework (per course) to retrieve credits previously lost through
failed coursework.
● The expectation is that students will engage and make progress daily/weekly in
order to successfully complete the program. Edgenuity will keep track of progress
daily as a % complete and will have a daily goal of 5% progress. Edgenuity will
document if students are signing in but not actively working and making progress.
Students will have the ability to complete additional work at home to complete the
required hours. All coursework must be completed by August 5th. In the event that
a student finishes a course early, they are excused from summer school with a
passing grade.
● Subject area teachers will be assigned to assist students with their coursework and
answer any questions and/or problems they may encounter. Additionally, to facilitate
the success of all students, communicating student progress to parents will be an
integral component of the program.
● This personalized learning experience gives the students greater choice and
flexibility. Summer School typically has a 90%-95% graduation rate and is a great
opportunity for students to stay on track toward graduation. Students have the
opportunity to get ahead by completing additional work in Edgenuity outside of
regular summer school.

Questions? Please call Pilgrim High School at 401-734-3250