Warwick Public Schools

Title I Family Engagement & Programs

Title I elementary schools include Oakland Beach, Lippitt, Norwood, Hoxsie, and Scott.

Our goal is to improve student achievement. One important way that is done is to prepare, encourage, and support parents within their school community. We recognize that authentic and meaningful parental involvement is the key to educational success.

paul heatherton

Coordinator of Federal Programs, Grants, & DEI

Paul Heatherton, M.Ed.



Carol Maloney


Carol Maloney



Cameron Kadek

Family Programs Facilitator

Cameron Kadek


401.291.8288 (text preferred)

stack of books, Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn - benjamin franklin

Support - Collaboration - Community - Success

Family engagement is a full, equal, and equitable partnership Among families, educators, and community partners To support children’s learning and development.



Social-Emotional Learning

Join Mrs. Kadek as she speaks with social workers about what resources and tools they use to support students in our schools.

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Need Support? We've got you.

"I have made it one of my main focuses to reach out to local agencies like Westbay Community Action, The Rhode Island Community Food Bank, The Parent Support Network of RI, RIPIN, and more, and get to know their employees. Because when someone comes to me and asks for support, I not only know where they can go, I know who they can talk to. I can follow through and ensure struggles become successes." - Mrs. Kadek

*Ask Mrs. Kadek about the Food Assistance Program available to students and families.

If your family (or a family you know) is currently living in a temporary situation…

  • Staying with friends or relatives because you lost your own housing

  • In a shelter, motel, hotel, vehicle, or campground

  • In other temporary accommodations

Your children have the right to…

  • Enroll in school without delay even if you do not have the usual school and medical records at the time.

  • Stay in their current school or attend a school near to where you are staying now

  • Get transportation assistance to and from school

  • Get a school breakfast and lunch at no cost

  • Other services from the Warwick CARES Program

Transitional Advocate, Warwick Public Schools: Ms. Debourah Petterutti – (401) 486-5284

A message about Title I from Mrs. Kadek

If we haven't met, schedule a time to sit down with me in your school's Family Center so we can get to know each other. If we do know each other, let's catch up! Email me anytime, I look forward to hearing from you!