Upcoming Local Events & Fundraisers

Hope Day Event Flyer June 8th - English

Hope Day Event Flyer June 8th - Spanish

Community Lessons & Sports Registrations

2024 Summer Basketball Req League Registration Flyer

Warwick PAL Cheerleading Flyer

Wickford Sailing Lesson Flyer page 1

Wickford Sailing Lesson Flyer page 2

Summer Reading Program

WPL Summer reading flyer

WPL Teen Summer events Flyer

Summer Reading at Barnes & Noble Flyer

Summer Camps

2024 B&G Club Summer Camp Flyer

Cooper Club Summer Music Drop In Flyer

Online STEAM Summer Program Flyer


Summer Meals Program Flyer

Summer Meals Flyer - Spanish

Summer Meals Flyer - Arabic

Summer Meals Flyer - Swahili

Summer Meals Flyer - Portiguese

Summer Meals Flyer - Creole

Important Community Information for Parents/Guardians of upcoming Kindergarten age children

24-25 English version Kindergarten Registration Flyer

24-25 Spanish version Kindergarten Registration Flyer


Big Brithers & Big Sisters Mentoring Program Flyer

After School Programs

Warwick B&G Cooper Club Flyer

RI SPCA After School Program flyer

Do you have a not-for-profit community based flyer to share?


  • Make sure your flyer adheres to the following rules:

    • WPS will distribute only flyers submitted by not-for-profit organizations.

    • The flyer must relate to a recreational, civic, or educational purpose or must relate to the development of students' character or values.

    • Both flyers and their purpose must be appropriate to the age of the students intended to receive them.



  • If approved, you will be notified within 7 business days, once the flyer has been added to the Community Events webpage.

  • If denied, you will be notified within 7 business days, with an apology as to why we are unable to post their flyer.


  • Please wait for a response.

  • It may take up to 7 business days to process your request.