WPS District Strategic Plan

Moving Forward and Upward…Together!

An Open Letter of Thanks

On behalf of the WPS District, I want to thank all of the members on the District Strategic Plan Development Committee – teachers, administrators, students, parents and community stakeholders –  who volunteered their time and effort working on the draft of our two year transitional plan.  I would also like thank those of you from the community who attended our open forums for your interest and input in the process and the emerging priorities.  

The two-year transitional District Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 is under final editing through August, will be released at the onset of the academic year and posted on this website.  Stay tuned for opportunities for public review and discussion forums in the fall.

Again…thank you all for ongoing collaboration in this work!  

As ever,                                                                                                                                                                      Sheryl Rabbitt                                                                                                                                                            Chief Academic Officer             

 For more information about the DSP please contact Sheryl Rabbitt at her office at 401-734-3055, work cell at 401-602-2247, or sheryl.rabbitt@warwickschools.org

Previous Meetings

December 7, 2017  – KIck Off Meeting: Agenda | Minutes

January 17, 2018 – Work Session: Agenda | Minutes

January 25, 2018 – Stakeholder Outreach Forum – Student Voice

February 8, 2018 – Work Session: Agenda | Minutes

February 22 – Stakeholder Outreach Forum – Educator Voice

March 29 – Work Session: Agenda| Minutes

April 26 – Work Session: Agenda| Minutes

May 24 – Stakeholder Outreach Forum – Parent and Community Voice

May 31 – Work Session  Agenda|Minutes

June 19 – Final Work Session Agenda

Important Links

WPS Strategic Plan 2013-2018 (PDF)  – Expired July 1, 2018

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