Transportation Rules & Regulations

Responsibilities of Parents Regarding Student Transportation

  1. Students should behave on a school bus as they would in a classroom. The driver is in charge of the school bus in the same manner as a teacher is in charge of a classroom
  2. Parents should have their children at the regular bus stop on time and emphasize proper conduct to them while waiting for and riding the bus. All personal articles (books, papers, balls, etc.) should be transported in some type of bag or container.
  3. Skateboards, bikes, razor scooters, and hoverboards are not allowed on the bus. Students will not be allowed on the bus with these items.
  4. Students are expected to carry BUS PASSES at all times. Failure to produce a Bus Pass upon request could result in denial of bus transportation privileges until Bus Pass is produced/replaced.
  5. Our school’s transportation system is for students enrolled in and attending the schools we service. The District cannot transport the children of friends or relatives who may be visiting.
  6. Elementary and Junior High School students are not permitted to ride a school bus other than the one to which they have been assigned. Changing buses for non­school activities, appointments, or to visit friends is not permitted. This ruling may be waived in the case of EMERGENCIES only if the following conditions have been met.
    • Clearance with a school official (Principal/Designee)
    • Written notice to the bus driver from the school official
  7. High School students may ride a bus other than the one to which they have been assigned for the purpose of going to an “after school” job only if the following conditions have been met:
    • Written permission from a school official has been presented to the bus driver.
    • The bus driver has ascertained that the bus has sufficient seating room to accommodate such students
  8. Elementary school students may be released from their ASSIGNED bus at a stop other than their regular stop only if a note to this effect, signed by the parents, and initialed by the principal or the principal’s designee is presented to the bus driver by the student when boarding the bus after school
  9. Elementary school students who do not have parental permission either to stay for after school activities or to be transported by another vehicle will be put on their regular school bus for home.