Occasionally, emergencies arise at school when it becomes necessary to send the children home before their regular dismissal time. Such emergencies might be lack of heat, lack of water, power failure, snowstorm, etc. Schools cannot rely on telephone communications during emergencies - our phone lines need to be kept clear for emergency communications with the City and Central Offices. School closings will be announced both through the RI Broadcasters Association school closing network as well as through an automated call from the District. You can sign up for text alerts from RIBA here: RI Broadcasters Alert Messaging.

To ensure that our students are cared for adequately if such an emergency arises, we request you, the parent/guardian, make advance arrangements for the care of your children. Please instruct your child regarding the following:

  • How to return home from school the quickest and safest way.
  • To whom he/she should report if you are not at home (perhaps a relative or neighbor’s home)

All households MUST fill out and submit this form - it will be filed with your child's teacher and school administration for use in the event of an emergency.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping your children safe!