Human Resources

Our role is to recruit, develop, motivate, and maintain a qualified and an all-inclusive workforce in support of the academic mission of the Warwick Public Schools.  Human Resources is committed to providing the students and parents of the Warwick Public Schools with the most talented, knowledgeable, creative, and diverse workforce available.


Director of Human Resources

Kimberly Ruggieri


   From the Human Resource Office

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Building Substitute Teachers  /   Substitute Teachers 

RIDE Certified Subs: $225/day (1-10 working days), $250/day (11-135 working days),

Step pay (days 136+)

Bachelor’s Level Subs:   $150/day (1-10 working days), $175/day (11-135 working days),

                                                                      Step pay (days 136+)

          Associate’s Level Subs:  $125/day (1-30 working days), $140day (31-135 working days),

                                                                       Step pay (days 136+)


Substitute Teacher Assistants Substitute Custodians, Substitute Clerical: $15/hr   

    Temporary Building Aides (non instructional building support): $15/hr   

  Substitute Lunch Aides , Substitute Bus Monitors: $15/hr

Contact Donna O’Rourke at 734-3082

Human Resources Staff

HR Fax: (401)734-3072

Margaret Fitzsimmons
Human Resources Office Manager

Maggie Wallentin
Classified Staff

Donna O’Rourke
Employment & Recruiting

Deborah Cabral
Professional Staff & Professional Substitutes

Cynthia Desnoyers
Classified Substitutes, Employment Verifications

Susan Wood
Benefits, WISE Retirements