Accounting & Payroll



Robert Baxter: 401-734-3095

Accountant – Medicaid

Lisa Feinstein: 401-734-3090

General Accountant – Grants

Lloyd Johnson: 401-734-3092

Systems Integration Liaison

Cheryl Nickerson: 401-734-3093


General Accountant

Cecile Mulligan:  401-734-3091


Classified Payroll Clerk

Kitty Jacques: 401-734-3216


Professional Payroll Clerk

Jenine Quirk: 401-734-3120


Payroll Clerk


Mary Anne Giansanti: 401-734-3217



Business Office Clerical Staff


Darlene Barone: 401-734-3034


Marcia Tarnowski: 401-734-3032


Our Mission


To provide accurate and reliable financial reporting to the School Committee, Auditors, R.I. Department of Education and the General Public.


Professional Employee Retirement Benefits

The Employees Retirement System web site offers answers to many questions regarding Teaching and Non Teaching retirement benefits. When you arrive at the site, click on FAQ’s on the left side of the web page, this will take you to the Frequently Asked Questions section of their web site.

You may also open an on-line account which now allows on-line access to:

  • Your Total Contribution information
  • Your Detail Contribution information by pay period
  • Address Information
  • Beneficiary Information
  • Retirement Benefit Estimate
  • Optional Service Credit Purchase

There is also a Staff Listing which you may use to determine who to direct your questions to, a Publication Listing and Forms Listing where you may download in .pdf format many of the publications and forms they offer. Also offered is information on obtaining Health Benefits upon retirement.