The Elementary Education Office is responsible for the overall supervision of elementary education in the District. Our goal is to ensure that the highest quality common core aligned teaching and learning is taking place in safe and welcoming schools.

 Elementary Back-to-School Forms & Documents


Director of Elementary Education
Patricia Cousineau, M.Ed.


Elementary Secretary
Cynthia Peloso

Assistant Superintendent and Director of Secondary Education
William McCaffrey




Secondary Secretary
Karen Loiselle


The mission of the Warwick Public Schools curriculum department is to provide our students a rigorous, guaranteed, viable, and engaging K-12 curriculum based on Common Core and State standards. Our priority is to meet the diverse needs of all of our students so that all of them can achieve success. Warwick has specific grade level curricula for all content area disciplines. Using state and local assessments, we continuously measure student growth, offer intervention services as needed, and provide enrichment to those who exceed the standards. The curriculum office staff oversee the development and implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment and provide professional development to staff that is aligned to the District Strategic Plan.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and MTSS
Lisa Schultz, Ph.D. 

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Grant Programs
Anne Siesel, Ph.D. 

Coordinator of Curriculum and Technology Applications 
Dawn Manchester 

ELA Site Based Literacy Coordinator
Nancy Sinotte 

Curriculum and Grant Programs Secretary
Carol Maloney



English Learner (EL) students require assistance with language acquisition and receive English Language instruction.

Our highly-qualified EL certified teachers constantly monitor student progress to address students’ learning, language, and cultural needs. We work throughout the school year to provide tools for these students’ success both in and out of school.

Los estudiantes de inglés (EL) requieren asistencia con la adquisición del idioma y reciben instrucción en el idioma inglés.

Nuestros maestros altamente calificados con certificación EL monitorean constantemente el progreso de los estudiantes para abordar sus necesidades de aprendizaje, lenguaje y culturales. Trabajamos durante todo el año escolar para proporcionar herramientas para el éxito de estos estudiantes tanto dentro como fuera de la escuela.

Director of Language Instruction Program
Dr. Anne Siesel

Department Chair EL Coordinator
Margo Williams

Carol Maloney


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