Department of Multi-Language Learners

A Division of State, Federal, and Competitive Grants
69 Draper Avenue
Warwick, RI 02889

Multi-Language Program Schools

Grades  K – 6

  • Cedar Hill Elementary
    35 Red Chimney Dr.
  • Park Elementary
    40 Asylum Road
  • Oakland Beach Elementary
    383 Oakland Beach Ave.
  • Scott Elementary
    833 Centerville Rd.
  • Robertson Elementary
    70 Nausauket Rd.
English Language Program Schools
Grades 7 – 8

    • Winman Middle School
      575 Centerville Rd.
    • Warwick Veterans Middle School
      2401 West shore Road

    Grades 9 – 12

    • Toll Gate High School
      575 Centerville Rd.

    Transportation Department

Criteria for exiting ESL, as defined by the RI Department of Education ACCESS for ELS:

1. Three criteria must be met to exit: 

  • Literacy composite score of ≥ 4.5
  • Comprehension Composite score of ≥ 5.0 OR
  • A score of PROFICIENT on the annual RI Reading Test ACCESS for ELLS Overall Score of ≥ 4.5

2. Any three of the following:

  • Passing grades in content classes
  • ESL teacher recommendation
  • Two general education teacher recommendations
  • Three writing samples demonstrating skill not more than one year below grade level
  • Score on a district reading assessment not more than one year below grade level as defined by the publisher or the district

3. The child is in grades 1-12

  • Kindergarteners are not eligible for exit

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail: Margo Williams or Michelle Morrison

Identifying ELs

Registration forms are completed at Central Registration.

  • If a language other than English is indicated on the Home Language Survey,  a referral is made to the EL Department
  • A parent interview is conducted
  • If necessary, an appointment is made to administer the W-APT (assessment of English language proficiency)
  • W-APT results are reviewed, along with records from the previous school
  • An additional reading assessment may be administered
  • Qualification for the EL program is determined and consent for the program is discussed with the parent

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail: Margo Williams or Michelle Morrison

Levels of English Language Proficiency

  1. Entering
  2. Emerging
  3. Developing
  4. Expanding
  5. Bridging
  6. Reaching
  • A student qualifies for the ESL program with an Adjusted Literacy Composite Proficiency Level below 4.5 AND a Comprehension Composite Proficiency Level below 5.0, or via previous involvement in an EL program within the WIDA Consortium
  • The student is placed in a grade level appropriate to the age of the child and the records from the previous school

THE Warwick School System SHALL:


  • Support the linguistic and academic needs of English learners (ELs) as indicated by the identification and assessment process
  • Ensure that all ELs are working towards attaining proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English at a level sufficient to enable them to succeed in the school’s general academic program
  • Provide clear pathways for each student to graduate
  • Use research-based instructional practices
  • Provide opportunities for achievement in all content-area classes or courses through specialized language instruction for ELs until the student has reached a level of English language proficiency permitting him/her to succeed

Elementary Schools

  • Cedar Hill – 8:45 – 2:55
  • Oakland Beach – 8:10 – 2:20
  • Park – 8:00 – 2:10
  • Robertson – 8:05 – 2:15
  • Scott – 8:45 – 2:55
ELL students in grades K-6 are placed in the appropriate grade level, elementary classroom. The ESL teacher provides support in the mainstream classroom. Each student is afforded numerous opportunities to speak, read, write, and comprehend the English language. The ESL and classroom teachers work together to ensure the students are able to meet challenging state academic content and student achievement standards as required by the state of RI. Classroom support is individualized to meet each child’s particular needs.  Some students may be pulled out for additional English Language instruction.

Winman Middle School  (7:55 AM – 2:20 PM)  and Warwick Veterans Middle School (8:00 AM – 2:25 PM)

Winman and Warwick Veterans daily schedules offer 7 periods per day. EL students are placed in one, two, or three periods of ESL depending on their W-APT intake test results. In addition, students attend regular education classes for math, science, physical education, music, health, art , technology, and possibly social studies and foreign language. The ESL teacher provides in-class support during academic classes when her schedule allows.

Toll Gate High School 

7:24 AM – 1:51 PM

Toll Gate’s schedule offers 7 periods, but only six of those classes meet each day. EL students are placed in one period of ESL per day, depending on their needs. Students attend regular education classes for all of their academic classes, including English, math, science, and social studies, as well as their other classes such as physical education, technology, and art. The ESL teacher provides in-class support during academic classes when her schedule allows.



What happens in ESL classes at the secondary level?

Students work on improving proficiency in the four domains of English: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. During one of their ESL classes at Winman, Entering and Emerging Level students also work on challenging common core English Language Arts class work, such as reading in various genres, studying literary elements, grammar conventions, and vocabulary; it serves as their academic English class.