Bond-Funded Capital Projects 2018-2023

Based on both Warwick Public Schools’ Long Term Master Plan – SMMA Report and the State’s Facilities Assessment Report – Jacobs Report, the School Committee adopted various capital plans and established a Building Committee.  The plans and Building Committee are being organized to address long overdue repairs, maintenance and enhancements to all school buildings planned to be used by the district for the next 20 years.  This page is dedicated to providing the public with timely and accurate information as the planning, funding and execution of the district’s capital plans unfold over the next 5 years.

Warwick Public Schools Bond Project

The $40 million bond projects that our students, faculty, and community deserve.

Warwick Public Schools’ Building Committee

The Building Committee is charged with advising the School Committee on proposed bond funded capital projects.  In the event bond funds are secured, the Building Committee is charged with overseeing a proper and most efficient means in administering bond funds for the approved capital projects of the School Commitee.

Important Meeting Dates

Building Committee Meeting – 11/28/17
Warwick City Council Meeting – 11/29/17
Building Committee Meeting – 12/5/17
Warwick School Committee Meeting – 12/12/17
Bldg. Comm. Recommentation-Final RIDE Stage II Capital Projects Budget

Building Committee Representatives

Anthony Ferrucci – Warwick Schools Executive Director Finance & Operations-Committee Chair

Philip Thornton, Ed.D. – Superintendent of Warwick Public Schools

Bethany Furtado – Warwick School Committee Chair

Alfred DeCorte – City of Warwick Building Inspection Director

Brian Silvia – City of Warwick Treasurer

Gerald Habershaw – Pilgrim High School Principal

Sheryl Rabbitt – Warwick Schools Chief Academic Officer

Hugh Fisher – Construction Representative

William Holmes – Construction Representative