Superintendent of Warwick Public Schools
Philip Thornton, Ed.D.

Office of the Superintendent

About Superintendent Thornton

Superintendent Thornton has been the Superintendent of the Warwick Schools, Rhode Island’s third largest school district, since October, 2015.

He is an experienced and skilled educator whose goal is to take the district to new heights and help give the children the type of education community members, parents, students, teachers, and other city residents have come to expect. In just over a year his creativity and exceptional ability to bring them all together in a common cause, has provided both a great new beginning and a traceable positive impact on the district.

Philip Thornton’s career includes four years of experience as Superintendent in Cumberland, and a previous stint as Superintendent in North Kingstown. Before that, he spent many years as a history teacher and a school administrator. He has been seen as a leader in educational circles and has a broad range of accomplishments as an administrator. He received his bachelor’s degree at Colby College, majoring in American Studies, his master’s at Providence College, and a Doctor of Education degree from Johnson & Wales University.

Secretary to the Superintendent of Warwick Public Schools
Catherine Bonang