Warwick School Committee

The Warwick School Committee group of elected members that provide community support while determining policies and budgets affecting the administration, construction, maintenance and operation of the public schools in accordance with the Warwick City Charter.

Warwick School Committee Meetings

Meeting Minutes (RI Secretary of State website)

2016-2017 School Committee Meetings Audio

2017-2018 School Committee Meetings Audio

Chairperson Bethany A. Furtado 401-737-2354 bethany.furtado@warwickschools.org

Vice Chair Eugene A. Nadeau 401-463-8742 eugene.nadeau@warwickschools.org

Clerk Karen Bachus 401-732-3757 karen.bachus@warwickschools.org

M. Terri Medeiros  terri.medeiros@warwickschools.org

David Testa 401-626-1084 david.testa@warwickschools.org