Dear Parents and Guardians:
With the Governor’s decision to close schools Warwick Public Schools has implemented distance learning procedures. While this decision was made in the best interest of the health and safety of our school communities, it certainly is not what any of us wanted for our students or staff.
We recognize that these are challenging times. Many families are struggling to balance professional and family responsibilities while concurrently supporting distance learning of their children. We also know that many of our students are conscientiously continuing with their academic learning while at the same time experiencing stress and loss in their own personal lives. At-home learning experiences vary greatly among our students and we want to minimize any worries they may have about their educational responsibilities along with everything else we know they and their families are juggling.
In light of this, we have made some adjustments to our grading policies and procedures, including modifying our curriculum and creating an elementary distance learning grading rubric that measures student engagement and participation. Here is the Elementary Distance Learning Grading Rubric. This may include students engaging in virtual classroom lessons, Google Classroom assignments, iReady lessons and assessments, and other various platforms.
When you view your child’s third-trimester report card, it will be reflective of his or her engagement in distance learning. This report card will include the following core content areas: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Itinerants will also be assessed in the same manner. Here is a sample report card as a preview.

Warwick Public Schools community is committed to providing every child with rich learning experiences that not only address academics and 21st-century learning but are supportive of the social-emotional needs of our children during this challenging time. If you need any support, please do not hesitate to reach out to teachers and/or building principals.

Thank you for your support. Please stay safe and healthy.