UPDATED 5-21-20 – Phase II: Collection of broken Chromebooks

To all Warwick Parents and Guardians,

Our Technology and Transportation departments have been working hard to distribute Chromebooks and chargers to the community. Phase II of the process will add the collection of broken Chromebooks from households.  We are running short on loaner Chromebooks to give out, so please treat yours with care!

Procedure to receive a Chromebook or charger:

  1. Parents and Guardians: Go to https://www.warwickschools.org/repairs and fill out the form for broken Chromebook pickup OR requesting a replacement Chromebook. The form can also be found at the bottom of this post.
  2. You will receive a phone call with a date and time window that your equipment will be picked up or dropped off via school bus.
  3. To keep our employees safe, please put your broken device in a plastic grocery or garbage bag and put it on your doorstep for the driver to pick up. Remember to maintain a safe distance from our drivers please!
  4. Please help your children keep these borrowed Chromebooks safe and out of harm’s way. Treat them well, protect them from damage and/or spills, and be ready to return them at the end of the school year if requested.

If your Chromebook is working properly but you’re having trouble with websites or other teacher-supplied resources, please reach out to your child’s teacher directly and he or she will either solve your issues or relay them to our technology team.

Many of us are parents or grandparents ourselves as well as WPS administrators, and we truly appreciate all that Warwick’s parents and guardians are doing to keep education going during this challenging time. Thank you for your efforts, stay safe, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for support!

The WPS Technology Team