DEM and the Department of Health completed aerial spraying this past Sunday in Western parts of Warwick.  This was to target adult mosquitoes in critical risk areas to further combat the outbreak of mosquito-borne disease. 

The product used in this application is called Anvil 10+10. It has been used extensively in both ground-level and aerial spraying and has proven to be extremely effective in killing mosquitoes worldwide for more than 20 years. Massachusetts officials used the same product in recent aerial spraying in Bristol, Plymouth, Worcester, and other counties. Anvil is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for this use. This product is being used at very low concentrations. No adverse health risks are expected with its use for mosquito control. However, if people want to limit their exposure to this pesticide, they can avoid being outdoors while spraying is occurring and can keep their windows closed. More information about health and spraying is available online

Alternative active ingredients in bug spray are picaridin, IR3535; and oil of lemon eucalyptus or paramenthane. Always read the label and follow all directions and precautions. Do not use bug spray with DEET on infants under two months of age. Children should be careful not to rub their eyes after bug spray has been applied on their skin. 

On Monday, RIDOH recommended to schools and municipal leaders that games, practices, and other outdoor activities scheduled to occur during early morning or dusk hours be rescheduled to earlier in the afternoon or relocated to an indoor venue. The “smart scheduling” of events is intended to help minimize the risk of mosquito bites for players, coaches, and spectators. RIDOH recommends that smart scheduling stay in effect for the remainder of the mosquito season.  We are following all guidance from the State on the prevention of EEE. Athletic games and/or events have been moved up earlier and/or rescheduled.  Students are encouraged to wear longer sleeves under uniforms. Warwick Schools will continue to work with our local EMA Director and the State as any new guidance comes out regarding EEE.

For more information from DEM please call or visit 401.222.4700 | | Rhode Island Relay 711 

Visit for additional mosquito prevention tips, videos, and local data.