PILGRIM HIGH SCHOOL                                                                                      

Girls Soccer:  Coach: Tom Flanders email:  thomas.flanders@warwickschools.org — Asst Coach: Ria Carroll email:  rckeeper10@aol.com

  • Tryouts:  8/19/19 thru 8/22/19 Monday-Thursday  8:00 am – 10:30 am Belmont Park

 Boys Soccer:  Coach Bill Carroll email:  laurellane25@cox.net — Asst Coach: Angelo Corsi email:  ange1278@cox.net

  • Tryouts:  Monday August 19th 1 pm – 3 pm @ Belmont Field, August 20th – August 23rd (Tuesday – Friday) 3 pm – 5 pm @ Belmont Field

 Field Hockey:  Coach Stephanie Shields email:  stephanie.shields@warwickschools.org — Asst Coach: Ken Genereux email:  kgenx@yahoo.com

  • Tryouts: Monday, August 19th tryouts/practice will be all week at 8am – 10:30/11am on the Pilgrim Track.
  • All paperwork is to be turned in prior to 1st day. Please email Coach Shields with any questions.

 Girls Volleyball:  Coach:  Jason Metivier email:  jmetivier3 @gmail.com — Asst Coach: Brittany Alejo email:  brittanyalejo@aim.com

  • Tryouts:  August 19th, 20th and 21st at the Pilgrim gym 4:45 pm to 7 pm

Boys Cross Country:  Coach:  Scott Bayha email:  scott.bayha@warwickschools.org

  • Tryouts

 Girls Cross Country:  Coach:  Mike Daniels email:  danielspilgrim@yahoo.com

  • Tryouts:

 Football:  Coach:  Blake Simpson email:  blake.simpson863@gmail.com —  Asst Coach: William King email:  coachking11@verizon.net — Asst Coach

  • Practice:  The football team will be attending Camp Niantic for practice this season from Monday 8/19 leaving Pilgrim at 6am and returning to Pilgrim on Thursday 8/22 at 1:45 pm Please contact the coach for detailed information and any other questions.   Football does not make any cuts

 Girls Tennis:  Coach: Daniel Robinson email:  daniel.robinson@warwickschools.org

  • Tryouts:   Practices will start August 19th at 10:00 am and will run until 11:30-12 pm at the Pilgrim Tennis Courts