Dear Warwick Public School Educators,

Welcome Back!

As you prepare your return to work this week – arranging classrooms, organizing materials and readying initial lessons and the like  – we want to say thank you. Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and your preparation.  It is both an honor and an awesome responsibility to teach.  It is in our keeping the student at the center of all we do and say that binds us together, than it is in keeping a relentless focus on student learning that will drive us forward.  And there is no greater resource to this work than the teacher.  The teacher matters.

It is with that in mind that we have prepared our professional development offerings for August 30 PD Day.  And it is with this in mind that we, too, prepare for our ongoing work throughout the academic year to support teaching and learning.

Please visit the links below for professional development offerings for our early childhood, elementary, middle and high school educators.

We have organized our professional development offerings around several priorities – academic achievement for all students, 21st century classrooms and literacy across the content areas.  The day is designed as an introduction to these efforts…a place and time for us to get started…together.

We look forward to our ongoing collab​​oration and continuous learning and growth.

On behalf of the entire district administrative team…again welcome back and thank you for all you do every day for every student.

As ever,
Sheryl Rabbitt, Chief Academic Officer

Warwick Public Schools

Links to PD Offerings: