Q: Is the Chromebook mandatory for my student?

A: The district Chromebook is not mandatory. What is expected is that your student will come to class every day come September with a compatible device for classwork and homework. The district is offering a Chromebook free to every Gr. 6-12 student, but each household is certainly welcome to refuse it and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Your device should be a relatively new Chromebook or a Windows/Mac laptop computer – the latter would have to be checked by the IT staff for adequate security software so the school’s network isn’t compromised.

Q: How much does the district-provided insurance cost? Is it required?

A: Insurance is entirely optional, and it is in effect for the life of the Chromebook (3 years). You do not have to re-purchase insurance in subsequent years. The cost is dependent upon your family’s free/reduced lunch status. Insurance is free to any student with an IEP. Here is the chart of insurance costs:

  • $40 – regular price
  • $20 – reduced lunch price
  • $0 – free lunch/IEP price

Households with multiple students receive 50% off the full price for the additional students. If you like you can download the 2017 Chromebook Insurance Form and print/fill it out prior to receiving your Chromebook.

Q: What is in the agreement students and parents are asked to sign? Is it required?

A: The student/parent agreement can be viewed here: WPS Student Chromebook Agreement. It is required to be signed by both parents and students in order for a Chromebook to be issued.

Q: What if our family and/or student is unavailable on the Chromebook Carnival day?

A: We are scheduling a follow-up day for families who were out of town on the Carnival day during the week following (date TBD). Students do not need to be in attendance to get a Chromebook, just parents/guardians with proper ID.

Q: Where can I sign up for the 2017 Chromebook Carnival?

A: The online sign-up form can be found here: 2017 Chromebook Carnival Sign-Up.