Buses & Transportation

Transportation Manager

Stephen O’Haire

Email: stephen.o’haire@warwickschools.org

Phone: 401-734-3210

Technical Assistant

Ann Rothermel


Phone: 401-734-3212

Bus Schedules

Bus service is not available from the Statewide Transportation System on the following Federal and State Holidays:

  • New Years Day Memorial Day Columbus Day Christmas Day
  • Martin Luther King Day Fourth of July Veterans Day
  • Presidents Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day

Please call if you have any questions regarding the policy and we will assist with any information you may need.

Thank you,

Gene Kieczykowski
General Manager, RIDE
Statewide System Manager’s Office
255 Westminster, Room 609
Providence, RI 02903
Office: 401-222-5038
Email: Gene.Kieczykowski@ridesi.gov

Patricia Nada
Transportation Coordinator for Students with Disabilities
Rhode Island Department of Education
Transportation Office
255 Westminster Street Room 609
Phone: Providence RI 02903 401-22i-5034
Fax: 401-222-5025
Email: Patti.Nota@ride.ri.gov